The alternative look at life in advertising at the lower levels.

I work with people whom share some common values. One of these is the respect we pay work over everything else-personal or domestic or even social. I say this even as I witness a novel working atmosphere .It is a flat hierarchy-less ground, all in a race to gain the boss’ credit and good word. Ego has very little scope to operate here. This is because the staff leaves the agency very often. With the result the manpower represent a new face all the time. This is good in terms of creative personnel since new original ideas are demanded every time and command a premium. But in other ways it is the bad. Since the market discounts, and the agency image is affected. On the flip side the agency is equipped with the latest generation, world - class infrastructure. So, the best talent is attracted to work here. The ‘typical ‘agency culture is absent because of flux. People with agency experience are there but they are the other types, like post-peak career seekers mature with wide exposure an